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  1. Currency: in all documents, agreement and application is Canadian dollars.
  2. Separate legal transactions. The rental of furniture, equipment, Video-on-Demand, Pay-per-View, telephone (US & Canada) and any additional services is a separate distinct legal transaction from the rental of the “Basic Living Space” in the rental unit. Accordingly, separate security/damage deposits are collected for each transaction.
  3. Tenancy Agreement: The online reservation form is the Application for Tenancy. Upon check-in the Applicant must also sign the standard Residential Tenancy Agreement provided by the Landlord.
  4. Number of occupant: The maximum number of occupants in a 1-bedroom suite is 4 persons and in a 2-bedroom suite is 6 persons. If the number of occupants in the rental unit exceeds this maximum, there will be an additional retroactive charge of $150/guest per week and the Landlord may serve a notice to end a Tenancy
  5. Deposit: The deposit required to secure a reservation is composed of the following separate amounts:
    - the first month’s rent (or the full rental period if shorter than one month)
    - Security Deposit for Basic Living Space
    - Furniture and Equipment Damage Deposit
    - Video-on-Demand, Pay-per-View and Telephone Security Deposit
    Rental reservation will be not guaranteed and the Application for Tenancy as well as the Residential Tenancy Agreement will not be binding unless the security/damage deposits and first month’s rent (or full rental period if shorter than one month) have been paid, charged or otherwise transferred in full to the possession of the Landlord!
    Damage/security deposit must be paid no later than 7 days prior to check-in.
  6. Payment: acceptable methods of payment are cash, cheque, wire transfer, money order, credit card or PayPal.
  7. Credit Card Payment: If payment is not processed online by the guest, authorization must be signed and received by fax before reservation is guaranteed.
  8. Rent and Security/Damage Deposits: Security deposit refunds will be issued within 14 days of departure, less cleaning fees (see below).
  9. Cancellation Policy Cancellation notice must be provided in writing and sent by fax or registered mail. If cancellation notice is received more than 45 days prior to the start of the Tenancy, all monies already paid to the Landlord by the Applicant will be returned within 14 days less a CAD$ 150  administration fee. If cancellation notice is received 45 days or less prior to the start of the Tenancy, the Landlord may withhold from Applicant’s monies paid for the full original rental period but not more than two weeks rent, as liquidated damages to cover the administration costs of re-renting the Rental Unit. Any balance remaining will be returned to the Applicant within 14 days.
  10. Additional days: extended stay requested during the tenancy term is subject to availability and will be charged at a daily rate, based on a prorated rent.
  11. Registration card, “Form K” (tenant’s responsibility form) andCondition Inspection Reports” may be required to be signed before keys are Released.
  12. Strata Bylaws and Strata Rules and Regulations: Must be reviewed by the tenant no later than tenancy start date. Copies of the Strata Bylaws and Strata Rules and Regulations will be provided.
  13. Check in time:3:00PM or later, unless another time was specifically confirmed with us. Keys, fobs or access codes can only be handed to registered guests. If keys, fobs or access codes are to be picked up by someone other than a registered guest, a legal release form must be signed by the registered guests.
  14. Keys: Two or three secure-access keys ('fobs') will be provided and placed under guest's responsibility. A lost or damaged secure-access key will be charged CAD $50.
  15. Check out time:10:00AM or earlier, unless another time was specifically confirmed with us. The door unique access code may stop working shortly after.
  16. Cleaning charges: For stays of 1 week (7 nights) or longer, after check out a charge of CAD $110 will be deducted from the security/damage deposit for professional cleaning fee.
  17. Smoking and pets are absolutely not permitted (notice that provincial and city by-laws prohibit smoking in public places, which includes all the rental property and the amenities area).
  18. Building’s Amenities: Excluding in the lounge/entertainment room, food, beverages and sound reproducing equipment are not allowed in the amenities area (pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, fitness room etc.).
  19. Guests: No more than 4 guests at any given time are allowed in the building’s amenities. Guests must always be accompanied by the tenant.
  20. Rental rates: are subject to change with out notice and are not guaranteed until deposit and first months rent (or full rental period if shorter than one month) are received.
  21. Bicycle is not allowed in the suite but only in the designate bicycle area in the building
  22. Video-on-Demand and Pay-per-View: will be charged every month based on previous month’s usage
  23. Phone and fax calls: are free within Canada and USA. Calls anywhere else will be charged every month based on previous month’s usage
  24. Hardwood floor: Excluding soft sleepers, no shoes of any kind are allowed on the hardwood floor. Please leave your shoes at the door and make certain all your guests do the same. No dragging of furniture is allowed on the hardwood floor.
  25. Furniture layout, pictures, wall hanging: The tenant is not allowed to change the layout of the furniture or hang pictures or any other items on the walls. The tenant’s furniture and/or appliances are not allowed in the suite without the Landlord’s written consent. Tenant’s personal property permitted in or on the rental unit is limited to items commonly permitted in a hotel room.



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